The Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest Club (The Homestead Range): link to

Lethbridge Fish and Game Association Shooting Range: link to

Central Alberta Silhouette Shooters Association (pdf)

Consort Range: The range is located between Consort and Czar, its just a few miles south of the intersection of Highway 41 and Highway 599.  You go West off 41 on the Barnwell road, the Barnwell road is located right in the neutral hills, if you get through the hills going either way you missed it.  There is a big steel ram located on the west side of the road at the Barnwell corner.  Go west on Barnwell till you see the range on the north side off the road, about 500 yards off the road, there will be another steel ram at the corner. 

Provost Range: Go north of Provost on Secondary highway 899 to TWP RD 410, go east 2 miles, then turn north on RGE RD 23 and that takes you right into the range.

If you have a map for your range, please submit it to us so we can add it to this page.